National Hurst/Olds Day

2023 Hurst/Olds Day – May 20th

Events this year will be held in Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin on 5/20 and Pennsylvania 5/21.  Details are below.  

Please email for more submissions.

Come celebrate H/O day with the Wisconsin Oldsmobile club. 

We will be at the Wisconsin auto museum in Hartford Wisconsin. Celebrating 40 years of the 83 H/O. All years are welcome. Food and drinks available. Please rsvp. with Todd Neuenfeldt via Facebook.  Hope to see you there. 9AM-3pm

Steve Mayfield will be hosting Hurst/Olds Day at the Ritzy’s
4527 KY-54 in Owensboro, KY
on Saturday, May 20 beginning at 4:30 pm. Come early for a good spot! The event will be held in
conjunction with the Annual Ritzy’s Car Show. Please join us for a great evening of cars and friends!

What is “National Hurst/Olds Day”?

Other than being a celebration of the Hurst/Olds, it is an event to meet new H/O owners/fans and to have fun. Basically, it’s an informal meeting of H/Os in different locations across the U.S. It allows those who feel they can’t make it to the National Meet due to location an opportunity to bring a celebration to their area. Just show up with your H/O no matter what condition it is in and meet fellow H/OCA members, H/O owners and H/O fans. If your H/O is not running at the moment, please feel free to show up anyway. This could be a good way to share information with fellow H/O owners in your area.

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all the past members that planned and hosted a H/O Day. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping the Hurst/Olds alive and well!

In exchange for their efforts, all hosts are recognized at the annual National Meet. First-time hosts are presented and “H/O Day Host” patch to wear on their jacket. Repeat hosts will receive a “Host Certificate”. And all of you will be appreciated by those who participate.

Are you interested in hosting the next National Hurst/Olds Day in your town?

We are looking for new hosts in new areas of the country – could it be you? We are also looking forward to having our fellow members who have hosted events in the past continue with a great tradition.

Contact Waverlyn Karch, with any plans if you would like to become a host.