National Hurst/Olds Day

2024 Hurst/Olds Day – May 18th

Events this year will be held in Michigan, Illinois (multiple locations), Wisconsin, Kentucky and Pennsylvania (18th & 26th).  Details are below.  

Please email for more submissions.

HURST OLDS DAY this Saturday 18th – 11 to 3pm ?? at Danny Cundiff Park in Highland Park,IL

2700 Trail Way, Highland Park, IL 60035

Will be parked past the Baseball fields on the Left …Bring out the Hurst Olds and Oldsmobiles ….See Doc Watsons #1 prototype 1988 Hurst Olds , Going to have great weather , we will be cooking up so burgers and hotdogs and have some giveaways , just bring yourself, your car , and a cooler of whatever you like , will be a great day…Hope to see alot of Hurst and Oldsmobile’s there

What is “National Hurst/Olds Day”?

Other than being a celebration of the Hurst/Olds, it is an event to meet new H/O owners/fans and to have fun. Basically, it’s an informal meeting of H/Os in different locations across the U.S. It allows those who feel they can’t make it to the National Meet due to location an opportunity to bring a celebration to their area. Just show up with your H/O no matter what condition it is in and meet fellow H/OCA members, H/O owners and H/O fans. If your H/O is not running at the moment, please feel free to show up anyway. This could be a good way to share information with fellow H/O owners in your area.

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all the past members that planned and hosted a H/O Day. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping the Hurst/Olds alive and well!

In exchange for their efforts, all hosts are recognized at the annual National Meet. First-time hosts are presented and “H/O Day Host” patch to wear on their jacket. Repeat hosts will receive a “Host Certificate”. And all of you will be appreciated by those who participate.

Are you interested in hosting the next National Hurst/Olds Day in your town?

We are looking for new hosts in new areas of the country – could it be you? We are also looking forward to having our fellow members who have hosted events in the past continue with a great tradition.

Contact Waverlyn Karch, with any plans if you would like to become a host.